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The hair extension industry is more diverse than ever before, with so many texture options, origins, hair companies, grades of hair, methods of installation, vlogger reviews, and commercials we understand today's challenge of buying hair extensions and we are here to assist you with your questions and address any concerns you may have.
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Happy New Year Ladies!!!

I want to share some information I have gathered, observed and experienced through my personal experiences, customer feedback, friends, family and YouTube :)

One of the biggest misconceptions I have discovered is the thought that because virgin hair is "virgin" you do not have to do anything to it... This is totally inaccurate, because hair is virgin you have to actually take care of it and care for it. Think about the hair that grows from your scalp, it has a blood supply, a flow of oxygen; it can replenish its self through the production of your body’s natural oils, sweat and etc. Despite the fact natural hair grows from your scalp, we all know it is not perfect we still have to moisturize it, wash it, apply ant frizz products, holding spray, etc. The same thing applies to Virgin Hair Extensions! It is actually even more pertinent to take care of your hair extensions because the hair is no longer attached to a blood supply and the only way the hair gets moisture or keratin replenishment is through the application of external products e.g. conditioner, gloss drops, light holding spray.

I wear the same hair extensions I sell to you, I like my hair to look and feel a certain way therefore I invest and take the time to get my hair exactly how I want it. If Beauty was as easy as waking up in the morning and looking like Beyoncé or Lauren London (in full costume) it wouldn't be a staple in our everyday lives, it wouldn’t be a $100 Billion industry, and it wouldn't be a struggle.

The second common misconception is hair shedding. If you ask me about hair shedding, I tell you the truth lol. ALL HAIR SHEDS... All vendors, suppliers, manufacturers say their hair doesn't shed and the majority of us know that is impossible. First, the hair from your head sheds... it sheds 90% of the time you brush it or comb it out, it sheds when you wash it etc. If you ask a person of Non-African American decent say Asian or Latin, if the hair that grows from their heads shed, they will tell you "yes" Your skin cells shed, your eyelashes shed, and your eyebrows shed lol... It's a part of life.

Now, think about the process of creating wefted hair. (Think about it) A weft is a manmade creation which requires thousands of strands of hair to be sewed down, through, around a man-made threaded base. The stitching from the sewing machines stiches right across and through the hair... Now think about this, most people sew their hair wefts into their hair, thus creating additional stitching through the hair which creates additional tension on the hair in the weft. This is what causes 50% of hair strand loss, I know this to be true because I experience the most shedding after I reinstall my hair or after I wash and blow dry it.

Another factor that affects shedding is dryness, if your hair is dry because of lack of moisture, or excess products the strands will become weaken and of course break which translate to many as "shedding" A recommendation to determine the source of shedding if you have any is to spot check the length of the strands that fall. If they are short or shorter strands the hair has actually broken and you need a fortifying shampoo and conditioner to replenish the Keratin and make the hair stronger.

Also experiment with different brands of products I will let you in on a little secret (checks surroundings and whispers) you can actually return hair products to CVS, Walgreens and Wal-Mart just keep your receipt and ask to exchange the item. I do it all the time, every time I get a new product (which is every week) and I don't like it, I just go exchange it.

As for maintenance of the hair, it needs to be washed once a week for the maximum results. I recommend once a week at first and then every other week after you have trained it. Alternate your washes with just using conditioner every other week. To create volume, blows dry your hair upside down and you can also use products formulated to create volume.

Invest in a really good flat iron and curling wand. I LOVE FHI flat irons and my new Cortex 4-in-1 curling wand, high quality Ceramic and Tourmaline plates lock in moisture and create a seal on your hair to prevent frizz and hold your style. I have always gotten the best results with high quality ceramic products. The ceramic flat irons available at your local Wal-Mart’s and Targets only have a light coating of ceramic over metal plates, salon quality brand styling products have full ceramic plates and the Tourmaline tools are ceramic plates with Tourmaline coating. Believe me it makes a major difference, trust me.

If you have been wearing your hair for a few months and feels like it needs to be revived, trim your ends and color the hair. That is exactly what I do to make my hair brand new! Split ends dull the hair and brown hair is less reflective of light, which is why black hair appears to have a higher luster.

Well I hope this helps you ladies!! I know it helps me

This is my old Indian hair after one consecutive year of use. I clip my ends, dyed the hair dark 3 times and utilize every tip I mentioned above!!